Grönt Te

Grönt Te

Volume 70 cl / Alc 46.1% Vol

This bottle is no longer available directly from Mackmyra, but may be available from other retailers

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Grönt Te

Mackmyra Grönt Te (Green Tea) is a Swedish single malt whisky that has been finished in newly saturated Ex-Oloroso casks. A blend of oloroso wine and the finest vintage Japanese green tea leaves have seasoned the casks, providing a subtly spicy and flavourful whisky with a fruity and floral finish. 

The whisky has notes of fine vanilla, green apples and herbal green tea. Grönt Te is light amber in colour with subtle red reflections and is great to enjoy on any occasion.

Nose: Spicy, floral, red berries and fruits with notes of green tea, white pepper and roasted vanilla. Dried grapes, citrus, pear and forest berries. 

Mouth: Fruity and floral finish with fine vanilla, herbal green tea notes, green apples and finishing with a light spiciness.

Summary: Spicy, fruity with herbal green tea leaves and rich vanilla.


The Seasonal Collection Story

In the Seasonal Whisky collection, we create editions with innovative and seasonal expressions, and since the winter of 2013, we have launched two limited editions per year. Some examples of popular finish storage throughout the year include barrels that have previously carried mulled wine, Amarone, cloudberry wine, rum, cherry wine and birch wine.
The series also includes close collaborations with beverage producers such as Masi, Plantation Rum and Christian Drouin.

Customer Reviews

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Shmuli Goldberg
My husband and wife love this

Not a tea drinker myself, but I was surprised how much like a whiskey it tasted.

After 16 years married to Derek and Debbie, I thought nothing could surprise me, but well. This whisky/tea really blew me away!

Derek Monroe
An amazing dram, and such a shame it has been discontinued

As someone who prefers a Smokey whisky, I was originally a bit sceptical about the Gront Te. The thought of having a whisky infused with Japanese Tea was not something I thought would be pleasurable…. How wrong I was… I received a bottle in 2020, and fell in love with it…. Luckily, I managed to get hold of another 3 during the final sale…. I shall treasure these for a while to come

Debbie Monroe
Never disappointed

Not a whisky drinker myself but my husband is. This one is one of his favourites.

stuart berry
Interesting and unusual flavour

I have put whisky in my coffee but never in my tea!
This innovation definitely works; the very subtle flavour of the tea not so much disguises the burn of the whiskey but makes the sipping of it a taste extravaganza.

Norma G.
Gronte Te

I particularly liked the tea liqueur aftertaste.

James Brooks
Surprise in a bottle!

Didn’t know what to expect of a whisky with green tea, but wow. I need to buy all the seasonal editions if this is anything to go by.

Paul M.
Very drinkable and a little

Very drinkable and a little moreish, not too complex and quite simple all in all an enjoyable tipple

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